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Company Overview

Founded in the year 1990, ever since Rizwan Seed carries on with the long legacy of Kissan seeds. For the last two and a half decades, the company has acquired comprehensive skills, expertise and infrastructure to realize its vision for turning India's most prominent seeds processing company. The company has also invested in extending its sales and supply network not only in Indian markets but also in various leading seeds markets in the world.

We at Rizwan Seed Company, endeavor to render satisfactory business experience to our customers, while producing professional values for all our shareholders. The company always delights in loyalty, confidence and trust of clients in both national and overseas markets for on-time supply of fine-grade seeds at highly competitive prices.

We are well-equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure that empowers us with the potential to manufacture a comprehensive array of seeds with assured quality. Owing to the same, we easily also meet the bulk and immediate requirements of the clients. While dealing with clients, our prime focus is on efficiently meeting their end-to-end requirements and that too within stipulated time frame. Thus, we serve every client on one to one basis, irrespective of their order details, location or area of expertise.

Our Core Business Activities

Rizwan Seed Company has engaged itself in production, processing, research, packaging and marketing of organic and hybrid vegetable seeds like Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds, Hybrid Cucumber Seeds, Bhindi Seeds, etc. Our main area of concern is excellent overall quality and striving for bringing about excellence in processing for entrenching the market position.

Our Philosophy

Better Seeds, Higher Yield and Greater Quality

Our Products

Implemented highest standards and systematic approaches, Rizwan Seed company is introducing a wide range of seeds. Our products includes Seeds of different vegetables which draw strong preference not only from India, but also from abroad. Our product range comprises fine-grade varieties which promise for higher yields, catering to the demand of different regions, seasons and farming or cultivating patterns. The company as always endeavours arduously to optimize and introduce a new variety of vegetable seeds with the surety of optimal quality that reflects in productivity.

Quality Assurance

In our testing facility, all the Hybrid Vegetable Seeds are carefully examined by the experts for maintaining and controlling the natural properties and quality of vegetable seeds. With implementation of the quality assurance systems and maintenance of the recognized processing standards, it makes sure that the brand is recognized for the finest quality and high-standard seeds in the market. Through intensive research of the breed & variety and committed & proficient workforce, the company aims at surpassing market expectation in terms of processing, germination, cleaning, separation from unwanted weeds, original properties, purity and yield characteristics.   

Our Research and Development

We produce and markets our vegetable seeds that underwent through rigid botanical testing and inspection procedures at our in-house R&D center for figuring out and protecting the natural properties during the process. This is to guarantee that our variety keeps up to the brand repute. Our research set-ups at significant agriculture-climatic regions of the country allow the breeding, growing and testing of our all varieties of Vegetable Seed to befit the varied and different kinds of climate and soils. A team of trained workforce, deployed at these units, is trained in Breeding, Harvesting, Processing, Analysis and Testing of Raw Seeds and Stock seeds for the commercial production of seeds.